Official Opening of the Science, Technology and Innovation Festival 2015

June 30, 2015, 1:36pm

Official Opening of the Science, Technology and Innovation Festival 2015

The Science, Technology and Innovation Festival 2015 hosted by the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) and partners, was officially launched today.

The aim of the Festival, taking place 29 June to 3 July 2015 at the Windhoek Country Club, is to promote Science and Technology to the public and to serve as an eye-opener to many people, especially the youth. As well as to demystify popular misconceptions and create a new mind set about engineering, science and technology; and allow scientist the opportunity to make science accessible to all people.

“The success of the Festival will be measured if we are able to attract the best and brightest into a career of science as a result of our sustained outreach efforts. By embracing on a career in science, the young people would become the drivers of new discoveries and innovations that create growth and enhance quality of lives of our people”, said Prof Andre du Pisani (Chairperson of the NCRST) on behalf of the Hon Dr. Itah Kandjii-Murangi, Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation.

Also speaking at the Festival, Dr Eino Mvula, CEO of the NCRST said, “The entire Science, Technology & Innovation Festival 2015 under its enlightened mantra Light + Science = Future, articulates meaningfully with the NCRST’s Strategic Plan 2014/15-2018/19 and with the recently- launched National Programme on Research, Science, Technology and Innovation (NPRSTI) [2014/15-2017/18]. It constitutes an important step along a creative and transformative journey towards a Knowledge-Based Economy by 2030”.

The Festival is expected to draw over 3000 participants from across Namibia, and will host exciting events such as a Research Symposium; Scientific Shows; Interactive Demonstrations; Exhibitions; Competitions; and a Science Slam Café.