Namibia must cease reliance on donor funding: Mwalundange

30 Jun 2015 10:10am
WINDHOEK, 30 JUN (NAMPA) - The Namibian Non-Governmental Organisations Forum (NANGOF) Coordinator, Jackson Mwalundange says Namibia has to stand on its own feet and depend less on donor funding.
Mwalundange made these remarks here on Monday during the Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS) partnership and round table meeting.
He said the nation must start taking care of its own needs, than relying on donor funding for its health and education sectors amongst others.
“As a successful and winning toddler, we as Namibians have no choice but to stand on our feet and explore the little opportunities around us,” he said.
He noted that more sympathy was poured in for the country during the liberation struggle and after independence, more focus was shared with Namibia.
“While all this attention was meant to help us prepare a strong base for our own sustainability, it also created an dependant cycle,” he said, adding it is not clear whether Namibia's problems were created by donor funding or its own attitude, but what is clear is that donor funding was never meant to be forever and Namibians need to understand that.
According to Mwalundange, donor funding has already reached the beginning of its end and that could leave the country with nothing, even if it’s not ready.
He stated however that a developing nation cannot be without and should not be without organizations like the NRCS that provide valuable support, while at the same time, Namibians should be ready to do some work, without expectations of payments.
“People in offices should not expect higher salaries because we are not here for salaries but to do voluntary work, and volunteers should not just be people on the ground, but even people in the office,” he urged.
Moreover, he called on Government not to always give tenders to entrepreneurs where they are expected to give huge sums of money, but also to award them to members of society that will do the work on a voluntary base without expecting high salaries.
The one-day meeting was aimed at creating a shared understanding among key stakeholders of the challenges of sustaining national humanitarian institutions outside of international emergencies.
It also aimed to identify ways that the national and international support can be mobilised to ensure that the NRCS sustains a long term capacity to deliver assistance to people in need.