June 29, 2015, 3:34pm



29TH OF JUNE 2016


  1. The National Youth Council (NYC) was enacted into law in 2009 for the purpose of enabling youth participation in decision making process of their country and of themselves. Further, to implement, monitor and develop youth development initiatives and amongst other advises the Minister of youth on legislation affecting youth and youth matters in general.


  1. In terms of section 8 of the National Youth Council Act, (Act No. 3 of 2009), hereafter referred to as the ‘Act’, the Representative Council “is the second highest consultative, policy and decision making body when the General Assembly is not in session.” 


  1. A Representative Council (RC) meeting was held in Nkurenkuru, Kavango West Region on the 27th June 2015, for the purpose of reviewing the activities and report of Bridgehead (Pty) Ltd and to approve the adoption of constitutions for the NYC sub national structures.


  1. Following are the outcomes of the Extra-ordinary RC:


  1. The meeting reviewed, analyzed and advised on the report of Bridgehead (Pty) Ltd, and resolved to improve communication and strengthen feedback between NYC affiliates and the business arm of the Council.


  1. The meeting further deliberated on a reporting structure and endorsed that in future Bridgehead, while being mindful of its obligations to engage stakeholders, is only obligated to report to its AGM.


  1. On the Constitution for Sub-national structures:


  1. The meeting adopted constitutions to become immediately effective in all 14 Regional Youth Forums and further adopted the same for all 121 constituencies youth forums.


  1. The purpose of this exercise was to comply with an obligation placed on the RC by the NYC Act of 2009.
  2. Amongst others the constitutions will regulate the relationship between the NYC and its sub-national structures.


  1. Other Matters:


  1. The meeting observed with concern that two representatives had represented NANSO. Unlike other platforms where this has happened in the last few months, the situation had to be addressed because the RC is a statutory meeting of the NYC and the Act requires that only one person/representative per organization should attend the RC.


  1. The matter of NANSO’s dual representation was raised from the floor, and members of the RC deliberated on the issue. The outcomes of deliberations were as follows:


  1. That NYC without involving in the internal matters of NANSO must help resolve the leadership impasse and stagnation.


  1. That none of the two factions of the NANSO be allowed to represent the organization at statutory meetings of the NYC.


  1. That a committee consisting of the NYC board, representatives from Regional Youth Forums and representatives from national affiliates be constituted to help the factions unify; investigate the cause of the division and recommend ways and means to alleviate the impasse. The committee is composed of the following representatives:
  1. John Kantana – Member of the Board and Chairperson of the Committee
  2. Shuudeni Muafengeyo - Acting Chairperson of the Erongo RYF
  3. Ephraim Nekongo – Chairperson of the Oshana RYF
  4. Janeth Ketji – Secretary General of SWANU Youth League
  5. Bensen Katjirijora – DTA Youth League

The National Youth Council thank you for coming and trust we have your support going forward.