AfricAvenic & FNCC present Namibian Shorts. Including 2 World Premieres!

June 29, 2015, 8:05am

AfricAvenig & FNCC present Namibian Shorts. Including 2 World Premieres!

On Wednesday, 08 July 2015, 18h30, AfricAvenir and the FNCC present four Namibian shorts films, including the World Premieres of “Where there is Smoke” and “Looking for Nelao”.

With this screening we want to introduce Oshoveli Shipoh ot the film industry in Namibia!

AfricAvenir & FNCC present in their bi-monthly Namibian film series four Namibian short films, including the premiere of the short film "Where there is Smoke" by Oshoveli Shipoh.

Another premiere will also be offered as a special: "Looking for Nelao". 
The short films are:

  • Where there is smoke, by Oshoveli Shipoh, 2015, 11 min (World Premiere!)
  • Tjitji, by Oshosheni Hiveluah, 2014, 22 min
  • Everything happens for a reason, by Florian Schott, 14 min

and a fourth short film:

  • "Looking for Nelao", by Oshoveli Shipoh, 2015, 1o min (World Premiere!)


When: Wednesday, 08 July 2015

Time: 18h30

Where: Franco Namibian Cultural Centre, Robert Mugabe Ave 118, Windhoek

Entrance: 30,- N$



We wont be saying too much about “Looking for Nelao” as we want you to attend. Poster attached. Here the other movies:

# Where There's Smoke (World Premiere!) #
Where there is Smoke, 11 min, 2015, directed by Oshoveli Shipoh, produced by Street Leader Films, starring: Oshoveli Shipoh, Jaques Jacobs, Armas Shivute, Lillian Van Wyk, Jerome Mwedihanga
An ex-gunman is sent to rescue a hostage from a dangerous criminal, but unknown to him he gets followed by a mysterious man. Will his rescue attempt be successful?
# Tjitji #
“Tjitji”, 22 min, 2014, directed by Oshosheni Hiveluah. 
Tjandjeua – Tjitji, a young, successful and ambitious student, has secret dreams of being the next famous ‘Talk Show Host’.
However, Tjitji’s Mother and Father live dutifully, in the time-honoured Himba tradition.
Every weekend she returns home to her village, but is concerned that Himba customs and practices, relating to young girls her age, will jeopardise her own personal dreams.
She soon learns that her Father is, as is the custom, in the process of arranging for her marriage to a young Himba man, Muasahepi.
Tjitji is upset that she’s expected to follow her parents’ wishes for her future and has to make a decision … what should she do, defy her culture to follow her dream?

The film won Best Narrative Film & Best Cinematography, 2014 Namibia Film & Theatre Awards.
# Everything happens for a reason #
Director/Writer: Florian Schott, producers: Edna Knoepfler Awaras, Sophie Mukenge Kabongo, Florian Schott, Desert Rain Films, Magic Touch Films, 2013, English, 14 min
A fast paced short comedy shot in one action-packed take. Our protagonist had better days. His girlfriend is leaving him, there is a strange man following and threatening him and his phone gets stolen. He tries to make things right but whatever he does he seems to be getting into more and more trouble. His actions take him to the Christus Kirche overlooking Windhoek, where he faces all his new enemies. When the police arrives at the scene he seems to be saved – or is he?
Winner Best Short Film AfriNolly Award, 2014, Winner Best Director, Best Editor, Namibia Film & Theatre Awards, 2014,