Erongo governor challenges Otjimbingwe residents

26 Jun 2015 12:40pm
OTJIMBINGWE, 26 JUN (NAMPA) - Erongo Regional Governor Cleophas Mutjavikua on Wednesday challenged residents of Otjimbingwe to come up with sustainable business ideas.
Otjimbingwe settlement is located about 60 kilometres south of Karibib.
He said industrialisation, self-empowerment, employment creation, poverty reduction and economic development are necessary for the settlement’s residents and the country.
Speaking while he officiated at the electrification of 117 houses at Otjimbingwe, Mutjavikua said residents of the settlement must start exporting produce such as onions, cabbage and processed chicken to towns such as Karibib.
“I discourage you from buying onions from Karibib. Apparently people from Otjimbingwe are not used to standing in the sun and working. Working in the sun is a culture that was not here; but let’s change it.
“Other people are producing the maize and vegetables you eat here, so why can we not do it?” he asked.
The governor further encouraged the Otjimbingwe residents to diversify and avoid being a community that farms with cows and goats only.
“I told you to come to my office and ask for seeds, fertiliser and training for you to start gardening, but nobody bothered. The time is now for you to stand up and work instead of just waiting for Government to give you drought relief,” he said.
The governor further said now that most of them have electricity, they must approach the SME Bank for loans so that they can start their own businesses.
“Electricity is not just a necessity, once you have it you must use it as a catalyst for economic development. If we want to achieve Vision 2030 we need to be creative as a country and fight for industrialisation,” Mutjavikua said.
He also encouraged them to apply for business equipment from the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development’s equipment aid scheme.
The programme, which was introduced by the former Ministry of Trade and Industry, provides equipment such as brick-making machines and bakery equipment to those who wish to start businesses.
On her part, Erongo’s Chief Regional Officer Natalia /Goagoses said her office is ready to avail N.dollars 50 000 to five people from Otjimbingwe who demonstrate the ability and urge to venture into business.
She said business proposals and plans should reach her office within two weeks.
The 117 houses were electrified at a cost of N.dollars 2.5 million.
This was the second phase of electricity distribution to the settlement.
The project is part of Government and the Erongo Regional Electricity Distributor Company (Erongo RED)’s efforts to bring electricity to the rural areas of Namibia.