DTA wants GBV addressed holistically

25 Jun 2015 12:50pm
WINDHOEK, 25 JUN (NAMPA) – The DTA of Namibia says a holistic approach is required to deal with gender-based violence in Namibia.
In a media statement issued on Tuesday, DTA acting Secretary-General Elma Dienda said the party believes GBV and domestic violence are complex social phenomena with multiple causes that require a holistic approach in order to gain an understanding of its causes and to find appropriate response mechanisms.
She said any attempts to address GBV and domestic violence require detailed investigation of the issue.
“There are constant calls by leading figures within the tertiary education sector for more State funding for research, and we are reminded of the significant role that scientific research can play in finding solutions to Namibia's most pressing socio-economic and development challenges,” Dienda said.
She pointed out that in the majority of GBV cases, men are the perpetrators of violence and any measures aimed at addressing the problem “must go beyond the punitive intervention meted out by the justice system”.
“There is a desperate and pressing need to interrogate what it is about the psyche of Namibian men, the values and norms perpetuated through our local cultures, and religious narrative that continue to feed this most abhorrent of social ills,” she added.
She went on to say Government intervention with respect to GBV and domestic violence has largely been reactive, dealing with victims once the damage has already been done.
The DTA in this sense supports and reiterates calls by local civil society organisations and gender equality activists for increased focus on, and involvement of men in all efforts aimed at curbing these issues, Dienda said.
The acting Secretary-General further stated that the DTA believes problems such as GBV and domestic violence can be overcome, but the party is convinced that success in this endeavour will require a new way of addressing social issues in Namibia.
“The party is convinced that only once we fully understand multi-faceted social issues, will we be able to design and implement measures to address these issues, as well as effectively mitigate the negative effects thereof,” she said.