Outjo councillor warns resettled farmers to behave

23 Jun 2015 16:10pm
KLEINHUIS, 23 JUN (NAMPA) - Outjo Constituency Councillor, Abraham Job, has warned farmers resettled on Government farms to refrain from stock theft and illegal hunting on neighbouring farms.
Job said this while speaking at the handing over of improved water facilities at the Kleinhuis and Nissan Government resettlement farms in the Kunene Region’s Outjo Constituency on Monday.
Farms Kleinhuis and Nissan both received solar powered boreholes, water tankers and pipelines that were funded by the Namibia-German Special Initiative Programme (NGSIP).
The water facilities at the resettlement farms were improved and upgraded at a cost of over N.dollars 1,2 million.
Job said his office, along with the community members at these two farms, in 2012 held a meeting with a delegation from the programme, where it was agreed that their water infrastructure would be improved.
Before, farmers at Farm Kleinhuis had to travel nearly 10 kilometres with their livestock to reach the closest water point, while farmers also has insufficient water at Farm Nissan.
The two resettlement farms are situated approximately 60 kilometres north of Otjiwarongo near the Queen Sofia Government resettlement farm in the Outjo Constituency.
Job said any farmer resettled on Government land, who engages in stock theft and the illegal hunting of game and livestock on neighbouring farms, should be evicted.
“If they are arrested and found guilty by a competent court of law, their farming opportunities and privileges for resettlement must be forfeited immediately,” he said.
Job explained the purpose of Government’s resettlement programme under the Ministry of Land Reform is to help Namibians become successful food producers by means of animal and crop farming.
He reiterated that farmers who make themselves guilty of stealing neighbours’ livestock must be evicted from the Government farm, along with their family members, on the grounds that they have undermined the purposes of resettlement.
Job also issued a stern warning to resettled farmers who spend their time at cuca shops drinking alcohol or selling drugs.
He said such behaviour causes laziness, unnecessary fights and bad behaviour, adding that such social ills must not be allowed on any Government resettlement farm.
The Deputy Minister of Economic Planning, Lucia Iipumbu handed over the improved water facilities to the Minister of Land Reform, Utoni Nujoma.
Speaking on behalf of the farmers, Chairperson of the Kunene Emerging Farmers’ Association, Daniel Mahua praised Government for providing these water resources at Farms Kleinhuis and Nissan.
He said the resettled farmers struggled to access water for the past 17 years and gave his assurance that the community will take care of the facilities.