Samsung S6: A review from Namibia

June 23, 2015, 8:43am

Samsung S6: A review from Namibia

Having owned the Samsung S5 for a whole 4 months I was curious to see if I would notice any difference at all between the S5 and S6 or it would be one of those cases of, “Its better because it’s the latest…”


Having got the phone I hit an obstacle. The S6 takes a Nano sim card.  I took myself to MTC who in their infinite wisdom told me I would not be able to get a Nano sim card until I produced the case my original ‘regular’ sim card came in. Having had this sim card for more than a year I did not have the case anymore. I was told to go to the nearest Police station and get an affidavit to say I lost my sim card case.  After balking at this due to time I was told that despite the inconvenience of getting a new number I would have to pay N$37 just to get a new Nano sim card. I decided to go try Telecom Namibia who charged me N$7 for a brand new Nano sim card. Transaction from start to finish, 3 minutes.


I then went home to try out the phone. The S6 has a fancy Sim Card holder which can only be opened with a ‘key” I will skip the rest of the setup which was fairly simple after inserting the Nano sim card. Someone will have to explain to me why these new phones insist I give them my email address to get anything done.


I found the S6 casing to be slick and a good fit for my hands. The buttons were decently sized and I never had to worry about pressing the wrong keys.

The processor is very fast and the phone is very responsive and fairly easy to use.

The camera is very good with very good quality pictures. Didn’t get the chance to try it with a selfie stick.


All in all the phone is a very fast and does everything I wanted in a phone very efficiently.

It did not slow down when I opened and switched between apps, which was amazing considering some of the apps, I tried out on the phone.


All in all the S5 is what I have come to expect of Samsung. Light, slick and very efficient. It did not slow down and performed all the tasks I wanted very quickly and well.


I was a bit concerned with the fact that I could not increase the memory on the phone as there was no where to add an SD card and the battery life could have been better but all in all I would not hesitate to recommend it to any one.