Suspected stolen cattle recovered by police in Angola

30 Jul 2013 08:50
By Olavi Haikera
KWAKI, 30 JUL (NAMPA) – The police in the Kavango Region made one of their biggest breakthroughs this year in their campaign against stock-theft and illegal dependency-producing substances when they recovered 24 heads of cattle and six bags of cannabis in Angola on Monday.
The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Kavango Regional Crime Investigations’ Co-ordinator, Deputy Commissioner Willie Bampton told Nampa on Tuesday that the cattle were recovered following a tip-off from a villager at Kwaki village, situated some 280 kilometres (km) west of Rundu.
The villager informed the police about livestock which was being driven into Angola from Namibia.
The police followed the footprints of three suspects, and apprehended them about 15km into Angola.
Two of the suspects are Angolan nationals, while one is a Namibian.
Bampton explained that on their way back, the police also came across a man with 10 heads of cattle, which were also suspected to have been stolen from Namibia.
The cattle herder allegedly fled the scene after spotting the police, and is still at large.
While the NamPol members were still in Angola, they then came across four men who were carrying six 50 kilogramme (kg) bags, and one small bag of cannabis.
The value and weight of the cannabis has not yet been established.
The four suspects were arrested, and are expected to be charged with dealing in cannabis.
Bampton stated that the 10 cattle which were recovered by the police on their way back to Namibia were returned to Shiku Kambinda, the rightful owner of the cattle, who resides at the Mupapama village in western Kavango.
The remaining 14 cattle have not yet been identified by their rightful owners, and are currently being kept at the Katwitiwi border post, which Namibian shares with Angola.
Bampton thanked members of the community for being the ‘eyes and ears’ of the police, and cautioned cattle owners to control the movement of their livestock and to look after their cattle, especially during this year’s drought period, which forces the animals to wander off in search of grazing.
The suspects in both the stock-theft and cannabis cases are expected to appear in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.
The suspects’ names are known to this news agency, but cannot be released as they are yet to appear in court.