Ramakhutla case sees another postponement

18 Jun 2015 12:30pm
WINDHOEK, 18 JUN (NAMPA) - A murder case involving three City Police officers who allegedly caused the death of a 17-year-old boy in April 2013 in the capital, has been postponed again.
The three accused police officers - Werner Johannes Sheetekela, Kleofas Shikalepo Kapalanga and Elia Nakale (ages not provided) - made another appearance before Windhoek High Court Judge-President Petrus Damaseb during a pre-trial conference of case management on Thursday, when their case was remanded until the next pre-trial conference to be held on 23 July this year.
The postponement was granted to allow the three accused persons' defence to file their replies to the State's pre-trial questionnaire.
The case was postponed to July as per agreement reached by prosecution representative, Deputy Prosecutor-General Antonia Verhoef and the accused persons' defence lawyers of Willem Visser, Boris Isaaks and Kadhila Amoomo.
The three defence lawyers are defending the police officers while acting on the instructions of the Windhoek City Police Force.
The deceased person in the matter is Mandela Ramakhutla.
The officers were initially charged with assault, but this charge was changed to murder after the boy’s death on 24 April 2013 in the Katutura State Hospital.
The late Ramakhutla was arrested on 16 April 2013 on suspicion of theft and was later allegedly brutally assaulted by the three police officers.
He was suspected of having stolen laptops from an office building in the capital three weeks before his arrest.
Ramakhutla died in the Katutura State Hospital's Intensive Care Unit a day after the trio was released on bail on the initial assault charge.
Kapalanga and Nakale are free on bail of N.dollars 3 000 each, which was on Thursday extended until their next court appearance next month.
Meanwhile, Sheetekela was remanded in police custody at the Windhoek Correctional Facility as he is facing another murder charge in connection with an alleged attack in Katutura-East that resulted in the death of his wife Taleni Sheetekela.
An earlier police crime report has it that Taleni Sheetekela died on 28 April 2015 at a local private hospital from the injuries she sustained in a confrontation and attack allegedly carried out by her husband Werner Sheetekela.
Taleni Sheetekela sustained severe head injuries and suffered brain damage during the attack.