Trendy New Concept Salon Launches in Katutura

June 16, 2015, 9:55am

Trendy New Concept Salon Launches in Katutura  


On the 5th of June 2015 at an event held in Katutura, a new concept salon called THE GOSSIP was launched amongst members of the community, investors and guests.


THE GOSSIP is situated on 8113 Safari Street in Grysblok and is owned by Merino Kandjii a hair stylist from Khomasdal. Kandjii had a dream to open his own business but with limited access to funding and business support, Kandjii had to look at alternative options and partnered with Held+partners an unconventional investment company. Held+partners through the leadership of its owner Patrick Held, puts strategic emphasis on providing entrepreneurs with concept development, support and implementation and gives them access to limited funding that could still bring alive their business concepts.

“My dream was to create a new hotspot in Katutura with qualified hairdressers that can ensure our customers have a valuable and enjoyable experience. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Held+partners who not only shared my vision and put it into reality but also worked tirelessly with me to make it a dream come true. ” Said Merino Kandjii, Owner of THE GOSSIP.

THE GOSSIP used many resources available such as recyclable material, and craftsmen and women, welders, painters and combined these with design quality, and a penchant for detail. The salon is in a shack that is 30sqm with 4 workstations a basin, kitchen and an outside area. It will create 5 jobs and is expected to attract people in the area yet the vision is that it can act as a tourist destination as too. The project took 3 months to complete from idea to launch.

“We were thrilled at the opportunity to take Merino’s dream and build on it. We are not the typical investors focused just on investing cash, we also look for opportunities that allow us to do our best work, inject creativity into a project and more specifically work with Namibians from all backgrounds to help them reach their full potential as entrepreneurs.” Said Patrick Held, Owner of Held+partners.