June 16, 2015, 9:24am


Public Private Partnership came to life last week when the Governor of Erongo announced that the Erongo region will purchase another truckload of cement to add to the one truckload of cement donated to the Region by Ohorongo Cement.

Ohorongo did the official hand-over of a truckload of cement to Erongo region on 8 June in Karibib. The hand over was one of many, as Ohorongo committed itself to donate 36 tons of cement to each of the 14 regions as part of the country’s Silver Jubilee Independence Celebrations, as well as towards the upliftment of the Namibian nation. The total value of the 14 truckload donation exceeds one million Namibian Dollars.

The hand-over was also witnessed by Hon. Hafeni Ndemula, Chairman of the Erongo Regional Council, both the Regional and Local Authority Counsellors and Traditional Authority representatives.

Hon. Governor Mutjavikwa said that the donation is teaching other Namibian companies a lesson and that it serves as an example for other organizations to follow suit. He said that many institutions must come to terms with the fact that we must all redistribute Namibian health to the poor in order to eradicate poverty.

“It requires that we target the ‘have-nots’ to evenly distribute wealth and Ohorongo Cement is an example even to the public service. Real action is required,” said the Governor.
“It is not just about hand
-outs. We must create a workaholic region and embrace work ethics,” he said.

Shortly thereafter Hon. Governor Mutjavikwa announced that the region will be purchasing another truckload of cement for further distribution to ensure that the entire Erongo region benefits and is covered as widely as possible.

“This is a perfect example of PPP in action! The only way we can eradicate poverty is to align our goals and take hands . . . together we can make a difference,” said Mr. Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, MD of Ohorongo Cement.


Through the Office of the Prime Minister, the Governors of each region have been tasked to identify projects within their regions that they would utilize the cement for.

The projects who will benefit from the truckload donation as identified by Erongo Region are as follows:


  •   Tamariskia Primary School

  •   Swakopmund Primary School

  •   Hanganeni Primary School

  •   Atlantic Junior Primary School

  •   Swakopmund Secondary School


Tutaleni Primary School WALVIS BAY URBAN

Let Us Try It Gardening Project


  •   Poultry Project Construction & Fencing

  •   Bicycle Shop Concrete floor slab for container

  •   Roadside Traders construction of shade storage facilities & toilets


  •   Aqua Fish Project Otjimbingwe

  •   Graveyard Project Otjimbingwe

  •   Ebenhaeser Primary School Project Karibib

  •   Erongosig Primary School Project Usakos


    Otjimbimgwe Okombahe


  •   Okombahe Cemetery Ablution Facilities

  •   Uis Welcoming signs

  •   Uis Road Maintenance: repair of potholes

  •   Uis Informal Settlement Tatamutsi water point construction


  •   Arandis Extension of Existing Green House Project

  •   Arandis Renovation of cement slabs on walls of sewerage ponds

  •   Henties Bay Construction of manholes and drains

    The Erongo Region was the 5th region to benefit from the hand overs.
    Ohorongo Cement has already handed over truckloads of cement to Omaheke, Omusati, Ohangwena and Oshikoto.

    The next regions to receive their truckloads are:

  •   17 June: Otjozondjupa (Kalkveld)

  •   19 June: //Karas (Keetmanshoop)

  • This is not the first investment of this kind into Namibia by Ohorongo Cement, as the company has already invested more than N$ 6.5 million for Corporate Social Investment into the country since its inception. The company is also very proud of the fact that it has a 98.7% Namibian staff complement in such a short time and that it creates additional jobs through support services and downstream activities.

    Even though Ohorongo is still an infant within a brand-new industry, it diligently strives to continuously contribute towards Public-Private-Partnerships and support Government initiatives like Vision 2030, Growth at Home and NDP4 to affect change.