MET official rubbishes Oshakati 'witchcraft' claims

16 Jun 2015 09:20am
OSHAKATI, 16 JUN (NAMPA) – The chief control warden of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in the north-central regions, Chrispin Nkonkwena has rubbished fears that witchcraft was involved in the recent death of a dog at Oshakati.
The dog, which belonged to Oshakati West resident Eino Elishi died after being attacked by a bigger dog earlier this month.
At around 05h00 on 06 June, Elishi was woken up by a noise outside when his dog was attacked by the unknown dog.
He told Nampa at the time he feared leaving his house because of the noises he heard and only at sunrise did he go outside to investigate the matter.
He said when he went outside, he found that the bigger dog had started gnawing on his dead dog’s head. He then called the police who came out to his house and put the bigger dog down.
Elishi and his neighbours found the dog’s behaviour strange and started speculating that “witchcraft” was involved.
Nkonkwena however provided a more rational explanation for the incident, saying starvation could drive an animal to eat its own kind.
“When the situation dictates it a dog can turn into a scavenger. In a serious situation of starvation it can consume the meat of another dog,” he said.
He made it clear that he does not support members of the Oshakati community who claimed that it is not possible for a normal dog to kill and eat another dog “unless withcraft was at play”.
Victor Nghihepa, the MET official who was tasked with investigating the scene of the incident confirmed that the bigger dog gnawed on the smaller dog’s head.