SunCycle Namibia

June 16, 2015, 7:31am



The SunCycle

The SunCycle is an electric bicycle made up of three crucial elements:

  • A bicycle frame
  • a electric motor, and a
  • battery.

What further sets the SunCycle apart is the fact that it is completely solar powered, and running on renewable energy. The SunCycle is the most efficient, affordable and sustainable way of moving: Woohoo!

Our Vision

Because we believe that we are borrowing the planet from our children, we want to play our part in shaping a sustainable future and creating a society worth living in by minimising the use of non-renewable natural resources. Namibia – with its super sunny conditions – has the possibility of becoming the first carbon-neutral country in the world, independent from fuel, coal and electricity imports.

The SunCycle dream is to:

  • Offer a more sustainable, affordable, and environmentally friendly form of energy and mobility
  • Make solar-powered electric mobility accessible to Namibians
  • Transfer knowledge, skills and know-how regarding electric mobility
  • Create employment and equal opportunities