Shekinah Encypherment rocks drafted to Babylon

29 Jul 2013 11:00

Shekinah Encypherment launched its Drafted to Babylon album at the Warehouse Theatre on Saturday night, and the roof almost came down with excitement.
The group is dedicated to spreading conscious hip-hop and did so with their performance which included dance, a live show and improvised rap.
The first act was a duo dance that took the stage hostage with its contemporary hip-hop dance moves and vibrated all over the place while telling a story line.
The experience was almost frightening for a first timer.
The hosts of the show Juice, Harry, DV8 and AK77 only took to the stage much later in the night where they performed with a live band.
They did some of their old songs as well as some of Drafted to Babylon’s songs.
The crowd which was familiar with the songs rapped along while the band played out some solo beat.
More dancers got on stage to show their artistic dance moves that entertained while they told a story.
The crowd was on the edge of their seats throughout the dance and at times would jump out of their chairs to rock with the performers.
The most interesting part of the night was when the gang decided to really show that hip-hop can come from anything. They asked the audience to hold up random objects and they would do never-heard-before acts of the objects that the crowd held up.
They also took turns to do solo free-styling.
The band which was made up of two guitarists, a drummer and a pianist added flavour to the performance by doing their solo towards the end of the night.