Nando Disqualified, out of Big Brother

July 29, 2013, 9:08 am

After evictions Nando was called into the diary room and received his third strike which means he is out of the Big Brother Africa game. His disqualification reminds me of the fight that happened in the previous Big Brother star game between Rocky and Maneta that also lead to them being disqualified from the game. Big Brother posed a three strike rule which is applicable to housemates who commit serious infringements.

Nando received his first strike when he was caught moving around with a pocket knife to the channel O party.Possession of a weapon or intentions to be violent in the house is another violation of the Big Brother House.  His second strike came about when he had an argument with Elikem which he provoked and instigated and instigation and provocation is also a violation of the Big Brother rules. Elikem received his first strike. Nando than pushed the limits when he continued to threaten Elikem’s life saying that he feels like stabbing him and he said “a nigga like him deserves to die.”

Nando moved to USA and with such behavior one can actually say that he stays in a rough neighborhood. His actions in the house did not bother anyone really because when he received his first strike everyone understood why he would move around with a pocket knife. But unfortunately for him the Big Brother game does not tolerate any form of violence in the house. I understand why he was evicted. Rules are meant to be followed and when broken consequences are faced and Nando getting the boot is the result of this behavior.

Bimp on the other hand was the only one that felt this disqualification. Bimp and Nando got along well in the house.I felt sad for him as I watched him pack Nando’s bags. The disqualification came as a shock to everyone in the house because the fight happened on Friday and with the Channel O party and evictions I am pretty sure the housemates felt that big brother let it slide.

I was never a Nando fan because he is the one that put our Maria on the chopping board which lead to her eviction. The game on the other hand still goes on. Its dynamics will change because now we have an odd number of housemates. How evictions will go by I have no idea. I am thinking one housemate might leave Sunday or no housemate will leave and the other week 3 will be evicted or the game goes on as usual with two housemate evictions. Only time will tell.

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