BBA Update: Emeralds say good bye

July 29, 2013, 9:00 am

The fake housemates have embraced their role in the house not only with their presence but with their interesting personalities. We had Eveva crying over her broken guitar strings and JJ who was annoying everyone. There was a thrilling argument between Angelo and Annabel. What more could we ask for? The Emeralds brought some light to the party and to my surprise they were content in fooling the housemates. They had almost every housemate believing that they were part and puzzle of the game as the housemates are. Annabel and Angelo did not completely succumb to the Emeralds but once in a while their doubts were proven wrong.

Thursday (day60) is normally task presentation but last week was not only task presentation day but the day the fake housemates had to leave the Big Brother House.  The day began with excitement of meeting the two celebrity guest judges Akin Omotoso the guy that played the character Khaya Motene in the soap Generations and award winning actress Jackie Appiah. Housemates enjoyed their presentations and won their wager. Big Brother than summoned the housemates in the living room, asked the Emerald to go into the diary room then Biggy dropped the bombshell. The look on Cleo’s face was priceless. Dillish who was 101% convinced about the Emeralds from day one said “they deserved a kiss and a slaps those Emeralds”. Oneal on the other hand looked exactly like how a fooled someone would. With him being the “smartest” he did not see it coming. Annabel and Angelo kept bragging about how she was onto them and that their stories never added up.

 Now that the Emeralds are gone the housemates would obviously have to draw up a new plan on how to continue playing the game. I must admit the house was interesting with the fake housemates in it. Purring the Saturday party one could tell and see that the hype was not there. The emeralds played the role of a vacation in the house. The housemates could at least concentrate more on them and be out of each other’s way. I cannot begin to imagine how it is to be confined in an environment cut off from the world and with different people could be depressing and frustrating. Now it is back to business in the house. I patiently await nominations.