Cancer testing campaign in June, the National Cancer Survival Month

June 11, 2015, 3:40pm
(Left) Minister of Pendukeni Iivula Iithana and (Right) Managing Director of Leap Holdings, Ally Angula.

Cancer testing campaign in June, the National Cancer Survival Month

In line with June, the National Cancer Survival Month, My Republik, Namibia’s first commercial retail clothing brand has kick started a campaign encouraging Namibian men and women to get tested for cancer in memory of Nancy Muinjo (Chichi), a young and heroic Namibian who recently died of cancer.

The Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, Honorouble Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana and Ally Angula Managing Director of My Republik a brand owned by Leap Holdings Pty Ltd were the first to get tested on Monday at Dr Morkel’s practice in Rhino Park.

Early detection of cancer is vital to effective treatment and ultimately better chances of survival. According to Dr Zandi Erkana, women should get tested for cervical cancer once every year.” The doctor also added that men are also susceptible to breast cancer, she urges both men and women to get tested for breast cancer. “Cancer is one of the diseases that have intensified over the past years and what makes it difficult to detect is that there are so many cancers that don’t produce pain so there are people with cancer who don’t even know they have it. Annual testing is very important to establish whether someone has cancer or to determine their risk. Early detection is important for early treatment”


When asked about the importance of early detection, Ally Angula commented that “as with most things in life, timing is very important and early detection allows people to take the right measures like getting treatment early enough to derail the progress of a disease and get treatment early”.


Apart from encouraging Namibians to get tested, the campaign also aims to educate Namibians about breast and cervical cancer in association with the local newspapers and spread the message that early identification of cancer leads to higher rates of survival.


Once tested, people will be given armbands as a token of having been tested. The public is then urged to upload a picture of the armband onto social media with the following hashtags: #GetTested #InMemoryOfChichi #MyRepublik #Impact1millionlives. The aim is to raise awareness and to encourage others to get tested.The public can also follow the progress of the campaign 


“The campaign is good because its aim is to save lives and secondly to immortalize the life of our young heroine, Nancy Muinjo, who fought valiantly so we must continue where she left off. People should get tested because early detection will enable medical personal to help them and limit the diseases damages because cancer can be treated effectively provided it is detected early. I encourage each and every one of us to get examined early”, said Honourable Pendukeni Iivula Ithana.


The campaign started on the 8th of June with and will continue till the 30th of June.

The armbands will be distributed to the following testing centers however Namibians all over the country are encouraged to get tested. For more information on breast cancer and cervical cancer as well as the various testing centers all over the country, please call the cancer association on 061 237740 or visit their website on