"Why should I join the DTA in a Namibia that I freed?": Kazenambo

June 11, 2015, 2:40pm

WINDHOEK, 11 JUN (NAMPA)  Retired lawmaker Kazenambo Kazenambo has slammed rumours circulating on social media that he resigned from the ruling Swapo-Party to join the DTA of Namibia. Comments on his resignation went viral on Facebook on Wednesday, with some posts alluding to Kazenambo joining the official opposition party at its headquarters in the capital at about 10h00 the same day. Approached for comment on Thursday, Kazenambo said there are frustrated elements within society who are causing division. Some of them are people who lack credentials. People in this country lack political credentials of their own. They do not have very solid historical backgrounds where they can stand on their own, he charged. A clearly upset Kazenambo said some of these elements have not contributed to Namibia and thus wish for it to go back to colonialism in order for them to make names for themselves. The very same people, he said, have no historical standing as they have not contributed where it mattered in the historical journey of the development of the country. They concentrate on trying to knock on the names of others, because if you are not sure of yourself and lack historical standing credentials, you keep on blackmailing and vilifying the name of those whose names are shining,? said Kazenambo, who stated that he is still a Swapo Central Committee member. The firebrand politician further informed this agency that his name is shining, can be traced wherever and is written in gold letters. To those unclear about his roots and personal background, Kazenambo said he was born in exile and as a child of the liberation struggle made a choice to stand for the independence of the country. I did not join Swapo for money. I did not join Swapo for positions, he stressed, adding that the rumour of his resignation is the work of those who are suffering and those for whom politics means money. Listing what he had done as a member of the ruling party, Kazenambo mentioned that he was one of the master campaigners of the incumbent President Hage Geingob and thus questioned why he would join the DTA. Only tribalists would think that; they think that because I am Herero I would join the DTA. Why should I join DTA in a Namibia that I freed?? he questioned. The ruling party, Kazenambo further said, is being used as a 'social security card', which some people want to use as a cover to abuse others. (NAMPA) SL/ND/AS