June 10, 2015, 1:01pm


The City has been on record since 2013 with regards to the insufficient or no inflow into the NamWater surface reservoirs (dams) serving the Central Area from which Windhoek is supplied.

It is unfortunate that despite all interventions, only about 5.7% water savings has been achieved for the month of April 2015. As a result, we have decided to enforce the following measures in an attempt to save the situation at hand, and we are calling for the residents support in assisting us to enforce these measures:

- Compulsory swimming pool covers– random inspections shall be carried out and clients not complying will be fined
- All car wash businesses should comply with the regulatory requirements, which state that, no washing of cars with hose pipe is allowed; the Washing of cars with hose pipe instead of a bucket is not allowed.
- No hosing of paved areas with water will be allowed, and once found you will be fined;
- We are proposing for an introduction of new penalty tariffs brackets on high consumptions, meaning that if you consume more 50 mᶟ (cubic meter) per month at domestic level, you will be charged more.
- Business sectors are requested to co-operate with the City on water saving measures within their organisations;
- Last resort: if the water saving target is not achieved in the next three (3) months’ time, the City will introduce water rationing and the intervals will be communicated in this regards,

City of Windhoek water sources:

Apart from NamWater’s contribution of an average of 65%, the City’s additional water sources are:
The New Goreangab Water Reclamation plant that supplies ~ 20% of water demand and
Windhoek Aquifer has to contribute to the low dam levels, ~ 25% of water demand. In total the water supplied by the City of Windhoek cannot meet the demand without contribution from the dams serving the central area and thus the serious need to take this seriously.
So, what does 15% water consumption saving request mean? It means that we must cut down on our consumption by using our water meter readings monthly to calculate our consumption and reducing consumption to 85% or less of your current usage.
• Water your garden only once per week can save water
• Washing full loads of clothing only;
• Showering instead of running a bath;
• Prompt fixing for leaking toilets and other plumping fixtures.

It should be well noted that in order to enforce this measures, our water inspectors and City Police will do random monitoring and if found contravening this measures, you will be fined.

By The City of Windhoek