Telecom impressed with new generation network

28 Jul 2013 12:00

Telecom Namibia’s Chief Operating Officer (COO)  Heinrich Bader says  Namibia is thriving in its drive “to move full-force into next-generation networks”, adding that the country currently has access to four international cable systems.
Bader gave a presentation including a summary of the ICT infrastructure in Namibia during the 5th Africa Service Network Operators (SNO) held in the capital.
He says 70% of Namibians live in rural areas, which carries suitable ground for mobile connections but pose significant difficulties for the country’s development.
 “Namibia is well placed in the region to carry traffic through-out the country. There is no place in Namibia where the network does not reach. However, the challenge is connecting individuals and households,” Bader says.
The gathering was hosted by Telecom Namibia and was held under the auspices of the International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunication (ITU-T).
 The four-day SNO forum is the only event in the telecommunications industry that focuses only on service and network operations and strives to drive standards bodies and industry organisations by being the "voice of service and network operations".
The conference dealt with issues such as the operations of telecoms networks across fixed, mobile and next-generation networks, the service management of these networks, and challenges facing operators, carriers, internet service providers and next-generation telecommunications companies.

According Telecom Namibia’s Manager of the Network Operation Centre (NOC), Cassidy Gaseb, the gathering successfully covered Network Management which dealt with topics related to the operations of telecoms networks across traditional and next generation networks.
“Other areas of interest included, Service Management which covers topics related to the service management as well as hot topics such as migration and topical areas that challenge telecoms carriers and operators, ISP’s and next generations telecoms companies”, said Gaseb.
 The African SNO Meeting had presentations and open discussions by operators, service providers, the industry and academia from across the continent.
On the third day of the meeting, delegates took a tour to the Telecom Namibia NOC, where they were given a brief insight of the current operations as well as the developments which are in the pipeline.
The participants also discussed a number of new telecommunications business models, industry best practices, and a review of their 2012 conference, which was held in South Africa.
Among notable attendants were: Jacob Munodawafa – Executive Secretary/CEO of SATA and Petros Dlamini - Chairman of SNO.
Other delegates included representatives from African Network Operators and Internet Service Providers such as Swaziland Posts & Telecommunications Corporation, Telecommunications of Mozambique, Tanzania Telecommunications Company, IBM South Africa, Eirtic Consulting Africa to name a few.