AR's gathering at Goreangab Dam was unprocedural: Kanime

08 Jun 2015 18:40pm
WINDHOEK, 08 JUN (NAMPA) – City Police Chief Abraham Kanime says the Affirmative Repositioning (AR)'s gathering over the weekend at Goreangab Dam was unlawful and un-procedural.
Speaking at a media briefing here on Monday, Kanime said the group was not allowed to hold a social gathering of that magnitude at the Goreangab Dam, as the place was meant for recreational purposes and not for public meetings.
AR is lead by land activists Job Amupanda, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and George Kambala.
Kanime said the city police has received a communication from the three land activists, informing them about their social gathering which took place on Sunday between 12h00 and 21h00.
Kanime said a response was given to them regarding their application, stating that the facility applied for is not fit for their intended gathering.
“The gathering was un-procedural. They were aware of this and yet they were unruly toward the law enforcement agency and caretakers,” Kanime said.
Speaking at the same occasion, City of Windhoek 's Spokesperson Joshua Amukugo said a number of issues need to be considered when one is hosting an event of such magnitude.
“There is an issue of ablution facilities to be considered, and one has to bear in mind that this place is a public place and there are other public members who need to use the place and need to be informed accordingly,” he said.
Amukugo said the facility cannot be used for mass meetings, but for recreational purposes and it can only accommodate a limited number of people as per set procedures.
He said the place can accommodate about five to six families at specific time.
Approached for comment, AR's spokesperson Namene Johannes Hangula said they never received any correspondence to the effect that they were not allowed on the premises and were surprised to find the place locked.
Hangula said the group was eventually allowed to enter and conducted a successful social gathering with more than 200 people.
“We just wrote to them for booking purposes because we planned to go there in big number, but we never get a letter from City police on that,” he said.
Hangula said the group has been doing such gathering for many months and they will continue doing that without fear.