Bank Windhoek Enduro series a success

08 Jun 2015 14:10pm
WINDHOEK, 08 JUN (NAMPA) - The fourth leg of the Bank Windhoek Enduro series this past weekend was once again a success with a high number of entries.
The race was tough as only 30 of the 55 entries managed to complete it.
The Enduro race consisted of nine different categories ranging from the professionals with their high end off-road motorbikes, to the less experienced riders, who got a chance to show their skills while at the same time working their way up in the ranks.
Namibian Enduro Club chairperson Günter Brettschneider told Nampa on Monday some riders lodged complaints that they could not see some of the transponders (a field timer device that keeps time electronically) due to the terrain.
The matter was how investigated and found to be in order.
“All went well on Saturday. Yes, some riders complained about not seeing the transponders, but we investigated it and found that they were placed and marked correctly. What riders tend to do is to follow tracks and not route markings and then they get lost and miss transponders,” Brettschneider said.
He went on to say the race was concluded with everyone in high spirits and with no incidents despite the high risk of injuries during such an event due to the terrain riders face.
Enduro favourite Ingo Waldschmidt was this time around penalised with an extra hour after failing to report at various time control points. Waldschmidt ended third in Class One as the penalty time increased his time from four hours and 26 minutes to five hours and 26 minutes.
The fifth leg of the Bank Windhoek Enduro is scheduled to take place on Farm Abbabis in the Karibib district on 11 July.

The results are as follows:

Class One:
1. RJ Visser (4:30:08)
2. Marcel Henle (05:08:42)
3. Ingo Waldschmidt (05:26:00)

Class Two:
1. Henner Rusch (3:43:29)
2. Kai Hennes (4:03:59)
3. Günther Gladis (4:23:47)

Class Three:
1. Dimo Eloff (2:51:16)
2. Uwe Brockmann (3:07:37)
3. Franco Routh (3:18:53)

Class Four:
1. Maike Bochert (3:00:47)
2. Julia Moths (3:02:02)
3. Shannan Rowland (3:05:00)

Class Seven:
1. Phillip Baard (3:04:10)
2. Gernot Bahr (3:16:03)
3. Jürgen Gladis (3:25:40)

Class Eight:
1. Klossie Fourie (2:27:20)
2. Juan Tyron (3:20:12)

Class 10 (beginners)
1. Peter Weber (1:56:02)
2. Kurt Hartung (2:08:41)

Class 11 (beginners)
1. L Bagwitz (0:59:46)
2. Naom Babluki (01:21:10)