Police helicopter assigned to FMD control

05 Jun 2015 11:20am
WINDHOEK, 05 JUN (NAMPA) - The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) has committed the police helicopter to assist in all activities aimed at containing Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), including the vaccination of animals.
NamPol's Inspector-General, Sebastian Ndeitunga, announced on Thursday in a statement that the force has already deployed officers to work around the clock along with the veterinary officials in this operation.
He also said that NamPol has set up rigid control measures aimed at containing and preventing further spread of the disease, which include disinfection disease control checkpoints along all major roads. NamPol and the veterinary service will also quarantine and control the movement of animals within specific areas.
Ndeitunga said that at the moment, about 20 herds of cattle are quarantined approximately 10 kilometres west of the Kavango West and Ohangwena disease control checkpoints.
He further indicated that the ban on movement of both animals and animal products from affected areas is being strictly monitored.
Ndeitunga said he has directed the second-in-command of NamPol, Deputy Inspector-General for Operations, Major General James Tjivikua to visit the Kavango West, Ohangwena, Oshikoto, Oshana, Omusati and Kunene regions to get first-hand information about the spread of the disease and to ensure prompt response in the containment and prevention of further spread of the disease.
Last month, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forest announced that Government will spend about N.dollars 119 million on the vaccination of close to 1.2 million cattle against FMD in the north-central regions of Namibia.
FMD is highly contagious and is spread by the movement of infected animals and animal products, including contaminated vehicles, clothes, shoes and other objects.
The first cases of FMD were detected at the Ondama Yomunghete crush pen on 11 May 2015 and at the Okalupalona and Onehanga crush pens on 12 May. The second case was detected a day later at the Okakango village in the Okankolo Constituency in the Oshikoto Region.
The MAWF further confirmed that in all cases reported, cattle from Namibia came in contact with cattle grazing in some parts of the Cuando Cubango Province of Angola.
As a result of the outbreak, the MAWF imposed a ban on the marketing of cattle and cattle products in the north-central regions of Namibia. The movement of animals has also been restricted and abattoirs in those regions are negatively affected.
Areas where FMD cases have been detected are the whole of the Ohangwena Region, Oshikoto Region including the Okankolo Constituency, Onyaanya Constituency north of the B1 road, Omuthiya Constituency north of the B1 road, Eengodi Constituency, Onayena Constituency and the Oniipa Constituency.
Areas in the Oshana Region includes the Ondangwa Constituency north of the B1 road and the C46 road, Okaku Constituency north of C46, Oshakati East and West constituencies north of C46, Okatana Constituency north of C46 and D3609 straight up to the Oshana-Ohangwena border.
Areas in the Omusati Region include all Constituencies and parts north of C46.
Areas in the Kavango West Region include the Mpungu constituency west of the B15 and B11 roads.