The President of Namibia's statement on the Ministerial Declaration of Intent

June 2, 2015, 6:14pm

Ministerial Declaration of Intent

During my State of the Nation Address, I noted that the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and all Ministers and their Deputies will be required to issue Ministerial Declarations of Intent. These Declarations of Intent will constitute a contract of their promise to the public. I also noted that I will, on a regular basis, personally hold Ministers accountable on what I regard as a sacrosanct promise to the public.

Subsequent to my State of the Nation address, I had given Ministers five weeks to finalise their Declarations of Intent; the deadline for submission being May 30th, 2015. I am pleased to inform the Nation that I have already received the first Declaration of Intent from the Minister of Finance on the 14th of May. By the 29th of May, 20 out of 26 Statements have been received, representing a response rate of 77 percent.

Statements by the Minister of Presidential Affairs, the Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, and the Minister of Mines and Energy were received on the 1st of June, two days after the set deadline. This brings the overall response rate to 88 percent.

Statements by the following three Ministers are still outstanding: Minister of Education, Arts and Culture; Minister of Urban and Rural Development, and Minister of Information Communications and Technology.

I thank those Ministers that have adhered to my directive and submitted their statements on time, and urge those Ministers that did not submit their Statements yet, to do so without delay. Since the Declarations of Intent constitute a promise by Minister to the public, they will be released in due course to the Nation.