Back to Bowler wins top spot at Standard Bank Africa Day race

31 May 2015 13:10pm
REHOBOTH, 31 MAY (NAMPA) – Horse 'Back to Bowler' of Enrico Junius won the main race of the annual Standard Bank Africa Day Cup at the Rehoboth Turf Club (RTC) on Saturday.
No less than 45 horses from as far as Omaruru in the Erongo Region and Gobabis in the Omaheke Region took part in in seven different races, varying from 1 000 to 2 000 metres (m) on the day.
Back to Bowler outsmart its competitors to come first over 2 000m. Castle Rock, that was the favourite to win the race, came second and Kwaheri third.
A clearly excited Junius of Junius Racing Stables told Nampa directly after the race that his horse was well prepared and he expected a win from it.
“This horse is a very good racehorse, and I can tell you this horse is in very good shape,” he said.
President of the Namibia Horse Racing Federation, Ryno Angermund told Nampa on Saturday that there is hardly any money in the sport.
“At the end of the day we purely do this for the love of the sport,” he said.
Angermund added that taking care and preparing a race horse is a costly exercise as fodder for the animals are an expensive commodity.
Another young racehorse owner, Lenin-Lee Kariko from Omaruru, also has many reasons to smile as both his horses - Black Market and White Pegasus – earned podium positions.
Kariko, who has been involved in the sport for only three years, told this reporter that apart from the two he brought to Rehoboth for the event, he still has another four at his stables in Omaruru.
“My interest in horses is just natural; you need to love horses, take good care and prepare them well for a race,” he said.
Standard Bank Namibia sponsored and amount of N.dollars 50 000 towards the event.
The next event is scheduled for 04 July at the RTC.
The full results:
Maiden 1 000m
1. The Warmest Colour from the Christains/Freygang/Diergaardt Stables
2. Bohemian Gold (Angermund Racing)
3. Black Market (Kariko Stables)

A-Division 1 000m
1. Diamond Seeker (Angermund Racing)
2. Kwaheri (Angermund Racing)
3. Trade Hall (Junius Racing)

D-Division 1 000m
1. White Pegasus (Kariko Stables)
2. Rosegold (Elroy van Wyk)
3. Back to Bowler (Junius Racing)

Maidens 1 400m
1. Bohemian Gold (Angermund Racing)
2. Black Market (Kariko Stables)
3. Mr. Moon Eyes (Beukes Baptista Racing)

Open 1 400m
1. White Pegasus (Kariko Stables)
2. Deceptive (Arkell Wellman )
3. Admiral John Peter (Arkell Wellman)

Open 1 800m
1. Trade Hall (Junius Racing)
2. Investment Pillar (Elroy van Wyk)
3. Boogy Boy (Arkell Wellman)

Standard Bank Africa Day Cup 2 000m
1. Back to Bowler (Junius Racing)
2. Castle Rock (Christians/Freygang/Diergaardt)
3. Kwaheri (Angermund Racing)