UDF by-election candidate pledges to formalise DRC

28 May 2015 13:20pm
SWAKOPMUND, 28 MAY (NAMPA) – The United Democratic Front (UDF) candidate in the Swakopmund Constituency by-election, Marius !Uwu-Gaeb, said he would fight to formalise the DRC informal settlement if voted into power.
Speaking during an interview with Nampa on Thursday, !Uwu-Gaeb, who is currently Secretary for the UDF Swakopmund branch, said: “I have a timeline for delivery from the day I enter the office, DRC must be formalised and erven must be serviced for our people. That will be our commitment,” he said.
He said that he would make sure individual water taps and electricity is made available to the people of DRC when voted as councillor.
The politician also said he would ensure the communication of clear timelines and regular follow-ups on such programmes.
Another promise he made is to provide serviced land to civil servants like police officers and nurses to build houses and avoid renting for life.
“These are our young people who serve the nation, on safety and health so they must have access to land,” he said.
He further said he would find ways to create employment for the young people.
The UDF candidate also promised to advocate for tenders to be broken down and be shared by many people.
“More business people, especially entrepreneurs must benefit from Government tenders. This can be achieved by breaking down large tenders to accommodate more small businesses,” said !Uwu-Gaeb.
Another assignment he promised to realise is scraping the system of contracting workers for few months only, as opposed to employment for the entire duration of the project.
“If the project is five years, the people must be employed for five years but not three months. I also want to make sure that our Swakopmund residents benefit from our tenders but not those from other regions,” he suggested.
The by-election is expected on Friday.