Ulenga blames Govt. of doing nothing on tribalism

25 Jul 2013 09:00
OSHAKATI, 25 JUL (NAMPA) – The president of the Congress of Democrats (CoD) says his party strongly condemns the fact that people are being threatened with eviction from certain areas in Namibia, allegedly on the basis of their ethnic origin.
Speaking during a media conference at Oshakati in the Oshana Region on Wednesday, Ben Ulenga said the removal of Oshiwambo-speaking livestock farmers and their animals from the Kavango Region a few years ago, and from Tsumkwe in the Otjozondjupa Region recently is “constitutionally unacceptable”.
He stressed that the struggle for Namibia’s independence was about freeing the whole of Namibia from all sorts of discriminatory laws and tendencies.
The laws of the country, Ulenga indicated, allow people to settle in areas of their choice within Namibia without being threatened with eviction because of the language group they are from.
“Threatening eviction of farmers or any other people from any area of Namibia simply on the basis of tribal origins is totally unacceptable to the CoD,” Ulenga explained.
He told the media conference he was shocked at Government’s silence on what he called the “tribalistic corruption” the Namibian nation is going through.
Ulenga also described the eviction order issued by the ‘Commission of the Ondonga King’ against Oshikwanyama-speaking farmers in Mangetti of the Ondonga area earlier this year as “typical tribalistic corruption”.
Ohangwena Regional Governor, Usko Nghaamwa, and the chairperson of the Oukwanyama Traditional Council, senior headman George Nelulu, received threatening eviction orders from the Ondonga Authority to leave the Ondonga area.
Ulenga accused the Government of allowing tribalism to manifest in the country by failing to act prudently and addressing the issue of farmers or any other person being threatened with eviction from certain areas on the basis of tribal and ethnic origin.
“It is no secret, even at Cabinet level, members of the government of the Swapo-Party have started openly making tribalistic statements,” the CoD president claimed.
He referred to reports of the Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, Willem Isaack, who is said to have asked Oshiwambo-speaking police officers stationed in the South of the country to go and work in the areas of their tribal origin as one of the incidents of a senior Government official publicly making tribalistic statements.
“The government of Mr Pohamba (President Hifikepunye Pohamba) unashamedly remains quiet, with no action taken against these officials. I condemn that, and I condemn it unreservedly,” Ulenga stressed.
He further noted that Namibian freedom fighters went to war for the freedom and unity of the nation, but the Swapo-Party government has now reversed that stance to what the colonial government used to tell Namibians before Independence.
Ulenga said his party wants each Namibian to live in an area of their choice within the country without being threatened with eviction orders or harassed.
“The government has only to provide proper management services so that there is no chaos in these matters,” he noted.
Meanwhile, the CoD president announced during the same media conference that his party will be holding its elective congress in November this year.