Swapo will rule Namibia forever: Konjore

25 Jul 2013 07:40
KEETMANSHOOP, 25 JUL (NAMPA) - Former Minister of Environment and Tourism and one of the Swapo-Party’s leaders assigned to the Karas Region, Willem Konjore says the ruling party will remain in power “forever”.
“Swapo will rule Namibia forever; it will only die if Namibia is buried. That should be made clear to everyone, especially those who might think that maybe 25 years from now another party will take over,” he said.
He was speaking at the regional launch of the Swapo-Party’s social evening in Keetmanshoop on Wednesday.
Konjore used the opportunity to tell people who he said are “hibernating” to be free, proud Swapo members, as it is a party for all Namibians.
“Stop saying Swapo is a party for Ovambos and it only promotes and gives jobs to them, this is a party for all Namibians. The best you can do is to join and be part of us. Former President Sam Nujoma always says we should be united as Namibians, and that is what our party promotes,” he stated.
He went on to challenge opposition parties by saying there is no reason to allow another party to rule Namibia.
In an effort to address poverty, the Swapo-Party’s southern leaders decided to implement Prime Minister (PM) Hage Geingob’s Food Bank idea, and urged all Namibian citizens to donate food and other useful resources for needy people.
Geingob’s idea of a Food Bank is aimed at helping impoverished Namibians, especially those who scavenge for food at dumpsites.
Those present at Wednesday’s event were requested to spread the message about the Food Bank, identify those in need of food and provide these names to the party's office so that a plan can be made to provide them with food.
“Let's start sharing like our forefathers use to do, when one slaughters a goat today they share the meat with the neighbours, tomorrow the neighbours will give them milk or meat again. If you have food, bring it to the Swapo office and we will give it to those who do not have,” Konjore said.
Swapo-Party Coordinator in the Karas Region, Matheus Mumbala explained to Nampa Thursday that the social evening was launched to discuss the Swapo-Party history, education and solidarity.
Mumbala said all Swapo district members meet once a month to engage in conversation regarding the party, as well as local and national issues.