Maamberua ready to declare his assets

23 May 2015 18:00pm
WINDHOEK, 23 MAY (NAMPA) - Swanu of Namibia president Usutuaije Maamberua says he is ready to declare his assets to the nation as soon as his auditors have done their part and Parliament has finalised the paperwork.
Maamberua's statement comes after President Hage Geingob and Namibian First Lady Monica Geingos voluntarily declared their personal assets publicly last week.
Geingos said her assets - worth between N.dollars 45 million and N.dollars 60 million - are primarily in equity, while President Hage Geingob’s wealth is mostly accumulated from his salary and property.
Geingob is worth N.dollars 50 million.
Maamberua congratulated the pair on declaring their assets to the nation, stating that Geingob is one of the few African leaders who went that route.
'It is very applaudable to see how the President wants to set a good trend for good public governance,' Maamberua said.
He further noted that the President being a PhD degree holder and the First Lady a University of Namibia graduate, sets a benchmark on the level of education of the country's leaders.
'Therefore, I would like to propose that all potential future Members of Parliament and Ministers, as of the 2019 election should have graduated from a recognised tertiary institutions and have obtained at least a degree or equivalent qualification for a seat in Parliament. This has to be included in the Electoral Act,' the Swanu leader urged.
According to him, some other African countries have already started implementing these requirements.