Updated Statement by the Ministry of Mines and Energy on the power situation in Namibia

May 22, 2015, 5:05pm
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Updated Statement by the Ministry of Mines and Energy on the power situation in Namibia

Power supply under strain- Please reduce electricity usage (update)

The Ministry of Mines and Energy wishes to update the Namibian and investor public on the power supply situation in the country as of 16:00 (Namibian time), Friday 22 May 2015.

The power supply situation remains severely constrained due to the fact that the voltage transformer at one of the major substations at the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority [ZESA) is still under repair since early this morning.

As soon as the repair is completed and the agreed 80 MW supply from ZESA is restored, the situation in terms of security of supply to the nation will once again be stabilised.

With the power supply deficit expected to reach 90 MW during peak period this evening if the repair work is not completed on time, alternative options of electricity supply imports through the Southern African Power Pool protocols are currently being investigated by NamPower as an interim measure. At the same time NamPower is in the process of consulting its power users to reduce load during peaking periods as they did yesterday.

It is important for the nation to understand that imports are not always reliable due to transmission system constraints and the fact that the power has to be wheeled through neighbouring countries over vast distances. This is why the Ministry of Mines and Energy together with NamPower are pulling together and focusing on fast tracking the various short-term critical supply initiatives to supplement local generation capacity and other supply options.

All efforts are being mode by the utilities to get the transmission line back on stream soonest to restore normal operations as soon as possible

While NamPower will continue to do everylhing in its power to ensure security of supply. we appeal to all our customers and the nation lo continue implementing electricity saving measures such as switching off air-conditioners. geysers and swimming pool pumps and all other non-essential appliances during peak limes- (these being 08HOO to 10H0O in the morning and 19HOO to 21 HOO in the evening) - to reduce the demand.

The Ministry of Mines and Energy and NamPower relies on your cooperation and support and pledges to keep you informed about developments regarding the situation.

Issued by the office of the Minister of Mines and Energy