Sanlam: Wealthsmiths

May 22, 2015, 11:12am

Sanlam: Wealthsmiths

At Sanlam Namibia we strive to be your Master Wealthmakers, crafting bespoke investment plans to preserve and grow your fortune and your future. Our holistic, integrated wealth management offering takes expert care of all aspects of your estate, locally and internationally.

Who We Are

We are a leading financial services group, originally established as a life insurance company in 1928. Our head office is in Windhoek, Namibia and we have offices throughout Namibia. We are a committed group of financial experts who, through innovation and superior performance, aim to add value to all spheres of your life. And although we offer excellent financial services, we're not just about premiums and policies.

Of course, we are a major provider of life insurance, retirement annuities, savings products, unit trusts and trust services. But Sanlam Namibia is also about providing intelligent investment and risk products to Namibian group funds and schemes.

And far more importantly, our first-class advisors are dead set on thinking strategically when it comes to your money. In fact, thinking ahead is our motto.

Thinking ahead means we strive to give you trusted advice, innovative solutions, service excellence and operational excellence. Together, we lead with courage, serve with pride and act with integrity.

And because we are competitive, we aim to be the nation's leader when it comes to building, preserving and growing your wealth. A tall order you might think, but we've done our homework. In fact we've done more than 80 years of homework.