APC annual conference kicks off

24 Jul 2013 12:00

The annual Commonwealth Parliament Association  of Africa conference (CPA) was officially declared open by President Hifikepunye Pohamba today. Pohamba said that it was an honour for Namibia to host the event and that Namibia remains indebted to the African countries as well as other nations that provided support during the times of the liberation struggle.
He cited the importance of being a member of the commonwealth of countries.
“We do not have expertise in certain fields and we receive technical assistance as well as assistance with policy formations’’ he said.
Pohamba also spoke of the parliament’s role in passing laws and legislations and called for gender equality in African parliaments.  
The president urged African nations to meet the goals they have set for themselves.
Sir Alan Haselhurt, chairperson of the APC in his address said that goodwill should be the cornerstone of all APC activities.  
Haselhurt also said that Africa hosts several powers that can become big world players.  
Haselhurt also reiterated the president’s sentiments of gender equality in African parliaments, saying: “We need to ensure advancement of women in our parliaments.’’
This is the second time that Namibia is hosting the conference; the first time being in 2002.
Chairman of the National Council Asser Kapere; said that the CPA needs to transform itself into an influential organization and to priorities conflict resolution and economic development. The conference ends on Saturday.