NaCC approves 12 mergers

24 Jul 2013 08:00

The Namibia Competitions Commission approved twelve mergers in its last seating, Chief Executive Officer Mihe Goamab II told a press briefing today.
The 12 mergers include the much anticipated merger between Agra Limited and Kalahari Arms and Ammunition Pty Ltd trading as Safari Guns and Outfitters which was approved with conditions.
"During its investigations as you are aware the commission consulted and further held stakeholders being customers and competitors to the merging parties. The Board approved the merger but with behavioural conditions such as to ensure proper competitive conduct on a post merger basis is that market and structural conditions such as to effect a structure of safeguarding competitive process in the market. The conditions are set out fully in the Gazetted Determination of the merger notice," Goamab II says.
The NaCC also prohibited the proposed merger between Namox Pty Ltd the PG business of Puma Energy Pty Ltd which entailed Namox acquiring the liquid petroleum gas.
"The commission is concerned with the effect the proposed merger would have had further on small and medium sized undertakings, and the effect it would have been difficult for small and medium sized to enter and expand their operations within the relevant market,"he says.