Oukwanyama Traditional Autority inaugurates village leaders

14 May 2015 13:50pm
OHANGWENA, 14 MAY (NAMPA) – The Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OTA) officially inaugurated eight new traditional councillors during a ceremony at Helao Nafidi in the Ohangwena Region on Wednesday.
One of the inaugurated headmen is Phillip Hikumwa, who is the son of the headman of Ongha village, George Hikumwa.
George Hikumwa was dismissed from the OTA some five years ago along with senior councillors Sipora Weyulu-Dan of the Ohaingu District and Hangula Vatilifa of the Okelemba District.
The OTA removed the three from their positions for allegedly, amongst others, sowing seeds of division among community members of Oukwanyama and tarnishing the image of the traditional authority.
The trio is said to have won a court case they instituted at the High Court which on Wednesday issued a verdict ordering their immediate reinstatement.
Hikumwa (junior), who is also businessman, was inaugurated as the headman of Omulamba village in the OTA’s Okongo traditional district.
Two members of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF), Festus Nghifikwa and Gervasiano Hilukilwa are amongst the newly-inaugurated village leaders.
Nghifikwa, alias Kafinana ka Andrew, is the headman of Onamihonga village also in the Okongo district, while Hilukilwa is the headman of Omatunda village in the Omhedi district.
Linda Mateus, also from Okongo district, was the only woman amongst the inaugurated village leaders.
She is the headwoman of the Okongo district’s Omaunimanene village. Shiyandja Vilho Kamati (Okalunga-Onamatadiva village), Joseph Pasta (Okakongwena village), Sheefeni Joseph Kamati (Ondjaana village) and Shinana Immanuel Theodor (Oluwaya village) are the other village leaders who were inaugurated.
They are also from the Okongo district.
All eight were sworn in by the chairperson of the OTA, senior headman George Nelulu of the Eudaneko district, in the presence of Queen Martha Mwadinomho waChristian yaNelumbu of Oukwanyama.