Schiefer judgment postponed

24 Jul 2013 06:00

The judgment in Romeo Schiefer's case, a young man accused of killing his parents in 2008 and who was set to hear his fate toady, has been postponed to 25 September 20213.
High Court Judge Naomi Shivute today said that the judgment is not ready to be handed down yet, thus deciding to postpone the case. She said she will hope to deliver her verdict on 25 September this year and stated that Schiefer will remain in police custody.
Family members of Schiefer and relatives coming from as far as Uis attended the session today in which Schiefer stands accused of murdering his parents by shooting his father Frans Schiefer (50) with a firearm, and then stabbing and shooting his mother Fransiena Schiefer (50)  with a knife on 18 January 2008 in Windhoek's Khomasdal residential area.
According to reports, Schiefer  and his parents allegedly had a quarrel on the night of the incident at their home when they had refused to give him money.
He allegedly first stabbed his mother with a knife, and then shot her twice in the legs. The father was shot in the head, and it is suspected that he (father) had been asleep at the time.