Give-Us-Power: A prophet at 22

May 13, 2015, 7:41am

Give-Us-Power: A prophet at 22

At the age of 22, he is one of the youngest recognised prophets in the country and was recently a high-profile guest at the installation of Vekuii Rukoro, whom the OvaHerero claim as their paramount chief.
Prophet Give-Us-Power Katjiuanjo says he tried many career options, before realising that his calling was prophecy.
In 2013 he started Mind The Gap Ministries with Pastor Ellison Mieze and today close to 3 000 people attend Sunday service at the A. Shipena Secondary School hall.
The young prophet is known to enthral those who attend with his many deep prophecies that zoom into the lives of those in church pews.
Although small in stature, Katjiuanjo commands huge respect and admiration from the young and old who flock to the services, eager for a Rhema word from above.
His popularity has grown and spilled over into neighbouring countries like Botswana, where he says God has used him to inspire the youth.
The so-called miracle stickers and water that the church sells for between N$10 to N$20, have contributed to the growing fame of Katjiuanjo.
However, this practice has evoked criticism. Those who attend the packed services claim the stickers helped them with their physical, psychological and spiritual battles.
They also confirm Katjiuanjo’s prophecies.
“Some people say I use witchcraft to do what I do, but my secret is that I allow good to work. I do not see myself as the one doing it,” Katjiuanjo told Namibian Sun during an interview.
“I just come there before the church starts to speak to my father (God). I am only a vessel in his hand and I open up myself to God. I have a way of knowing how to provoke the power of God. God is the one in charge.”
He said there are many other deeper things, but one of the secrets of prophecy is humility.
To the many who follow Katjiuanjo, he is God’s answer to their problems, but he says he humbles himself before God, his leaders and his parents.
According to him, this type of attitude leads to God using him.
While admitting that he is human and makes mistakes, Katjiuanjo believes that he has mastered provoking the spirit of God in any situation.
It all started while Katjiuanjo was repeating Grade 10 at the Ella Du Plessis High School, where he says God started to show him where he wanted to take him.

“That is when I started my ministry and I realised that I was called by God and I started preaching. As I was preaching I saw myself just speaking words and things will happen as I said. It was something out of my control. I remember it was a fire burning in me. It was a passion burning in me.”
He said he was a big fan of profit TB Joshua.
“Every time I was watching him, so I started to have dreams where I am praying for people.”
He added that at school he approached the principal several times to allow him to preach to the rest of the school during assembly meetings.
Just like many other young person, Katjiuanjo tried rewriting his Grade 10 through Namcol.
He also studied office administration and electrical engineering, which did not all work out.
He described his upbringing as Christian.
Mieze said they started the church with the aim of helping the needy, especially the youth.
“Our slogan is that we do mind the gaps of life. If there is a lack in another person’s life... that is where our main target is. We mind those gaps,” Mieze said.
“We noticed that the youth were lost somewhere... Most of them are on the streets, they are trying to make a living but it is through negative means.”
He said the church has helped youth with school and tertiary fees, who can’t afford to pay for their studies.
“We also help with any other request. For example, when a young person comes to us with a business, and we see that it is a good idea, we assist in helping them to start their idea.”
Both Katjiuanjo and Mieze said they both know what is expected from them and they never clash.


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