Stock thieves raid farm

November 12, 2012, 4:09 am

carcassRUNDU - Police in the Kavango Region are looking for three suspects who are alleged to have driven two oxen from a farm before they slaughtered one and were caught – but eventually bolting from the crime scene abandoning their loot.
Acting Regional Crime Coordinator in Kavango, Detective Inspector Chrispin Mubebo told New Era the police received a report that three men drove out two cattle from Sarasungu Farm on Wednesday morning.

Sarasungu owner, Francisko Parreira, said the suspects entered the farm through the gate after one of the security guards left it unlocked.
The security guard on night duty apparently spotted the suspects driving out the two cattle and followed them to the place where they slaughtered the ox and then notified the farm manager.
When they arrived on the scene with the manager, the suspects were busy loading the meat in a vehicle, which they eventually left behind after fleeing on foot.

Mubebo said the vehicle found at the scene belongs to one of the suspects who has a pending stock theft case against him. The suspects removed the ear tag from the ox before slaughtering it.
Parreira recovered the second ox after the suspects fled. Police also discovered a decomposed ox skin in nearby bushes, prompting Parreira to do a recount of his animals before giving an exact figure of the loss incurred, but he estimated it to be around N$12 000.
“We have a feedlot at the farm, therefore our cattle do not leave the farm. For now I cannot say how much I have lost because I will need to do a recount,” he said.

Earlier this week, five people were arrested at villages near Mururani for stock theft. Four of the five are waiting to be arraigned and were arrested at Ndjikiti Farm where they stole six cattle.
Mubebo said they confessed to the theft of 11 cattle. Police are still trying to trace the owners of five of the cattle.
Meanwhile, another suspect was also arrested at Mulemba village on Tuesday. With stock theft normally on the increase towards the end of the year, Mubebo urged members of the public to report stock theft cases so that the police can take action. “Stock theft is picking up in the region, therefore we are urging the public to report any incident.

“The police will use all the resources at its disposal to stop these activities,” promised Mubebo.