Schlettwein calls for dedication from ministry staff

12 May 2015 08:00am
WINDHOEK, 12 MAY (NAMPA) – The Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein has called on all staff members of his ministry to help him fulfil the key performance indicators he received in his appointment letter from President Hage Geingob last week.
Schlettwein told employees at the ministry's staff meeting held here on Monday that when Geingob opened the first Cabinet meeting of his term of office, he indicated that all Cabinet ministers will receive their terms of reference outlining key performance indicators.
It is these indicators on which their performance as ministers will be gauged.
“As Minister of Finance, you are expected to maintain prudent macro-economic stability and sustained economic growth, implement laws and policies to reform the financial sector to create employment, and eradicate poverty,” the minister said.
Schlettwein was further informed that it is expected of him to consolidate monetary and fiscal policies geared towards promoting investment, and broaden Namibian participation in the national economy and the public procurement of goods and services.
“His Excellency also reminded us that ministers must accept responsibility for the administration of their ministries, and if not satisfied with the administration, take corrective action,” Schlettwein said.
He added that all ministers are expected to adopt a more progressive approach which will see those who perform rewarded, while those who do not perform will have to bear the consequences of their non-performance.
It is in this spirit that Schlettwein said he expects each and every staff member of the ministry to adopt the same principles so as to execute all functions of the ministry timely, proficiently and with dedication.
He noted that the principles will be made available to all staff members and will form part of their performance goals going forward.
“The Ministry of Finance must remain measured and consistent in its approach to improving the organisational environment, rising to challenges through a culture of self-awareness, and performance excellence,” he said.
Since the ministry plays a pivotal policy and operational role in the economy, Schlettwein said Namibia’s financial system cannot afford delays, errors and oversight.
He said one of the regular complaints his ministry receives is the delay in payments to suppliers.
“We need to streamline this process to enable us to efficiently and effectively make timely payments. We need to have documented processes with control mechanisms. The game of blame shifting is often due to the absence of such, and must be avoided,” Schlettwein said.