Hamutenya to stand for re-election as RDP president

23 Jul 2013 09:50
By Sawi Lutibezi
WINDHOEK, 23 JUL (NAMPA) – After much speculation in the media around leadership succession within the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), incumbent president Hidipo Hamutenya on Tuesday said he is going to stand for re-election during the party´s national convention in November this year.
Hamutenya, 74, told Nampa in an interview on Tuesday that he is ready to once again lead the RDP for the next five years.
“I do not know where people get the statements that were reported in local newspapers surrounding my health, and talks about creating honorary positions for founding members,” he stated.
A local newspaper reported last week that RDP members expressed concerns about the mental and physical capabilities of their president.
It further stated that the current tensions experienced in the opposition party are mainly about the well-being of the RDP president.
Hamutenya said at this point, he still does not know if he has any challengers for the position of president, as no one from the party had indicated so.
However, the RDP leader pointed out that the nominees for other positions such as vice-president, secretary-general and information secretary will be revealed in due course.
The politician also highlighted that the party’s preparations for the next general elections in 2014 are going well, adding that some of the party’s ‘alternative’ policies unveiled in March this year will be used during its election campaigns.
Launched on 17 November 2007, the RDP was formed under the leadership of Hamutenya, a former leading member of the ruling Swapo-Party and erstwhile Cabinet minister.
In December 2008, the RDP held its first national conference, and he was officially elected as leader of the party.
At the 2009 general elections, the RDP won 11 per cent of the votes, and eight seats in the National Assembly.