nbc Afrikaans Service Hosts 2015 Idiom Competition

May 8, 2015, 11:36am

nbc Afrikaans Service Hosts 2015 Idiom Competition

The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) is once again proud to host the 2015 Idiom competition on the Afrikaans Service. The purpose of the competition is to promote the Afrikaans language and to teach children Afrikaans sayings and idioms. The Afrikaans language has more than 8 000 idioms and sayings that the learners must memorize and use correctly during the competition. The competition started airing on the 22nd of April and will be aired every Wednesday at 14:00 during the youth program, ‘Jeug Joernaal’ on the Afrikaans Service.

According to Franlin Thomas, the Manager of the Afrikaans Service, ‘Afrikaans as a language was always associated with apartheid, but over the past 25 years of Namibia’s independence, has evolved into a language of reconciliation. Our listenership is a perfect rainbow example of how a language once perceived as colonial, is breaking all barriers as it is loved and spoken by most Namibians in an independent Namibia.

We have seen an upsurge of pride to be Afrikaans in the Namibian society, with the launching of the Windhoek Word Festival (Windhoek Woordfees) two years ago, to celebrate the Afrikaans language through the spoken and written word or song while the nbc broadcasts the ATKV (Afrikaanse Taal- en Kultuurvereniging/Afrikaans Language and Culture Association) Pluimpie Awards every year on the Afrikaans Service. The Pluimpie Awards honours individuals, institutions, publishers and companies who made a special contribution towards the Afrikaans language and efforts to keep the language modern and fashionable.

Furthermore, more and more young artists proudly sing or rap in Afrikaans, such as local artists ‘Wambuseun’ and ‘Swart Baster’. ‘We hope that the idiom challenge aims to be just as inspirational, so that other language groups also preserve the importance of the mother tongue, by launching competitions of this nature especially amongst our youth’ Franlin Thomas said.


“The development of Afrikaans is of importance in a time where many African languages are dying out. It is therefore the responsibility of every Namibian citizen and African to ensure that their languages grow from strength to strength by promoting their Mother tongues, especially among the youth,” said Ansa Ellis from the ATKV in Windhoek.

Bank Windhoek has been the financial backbone of this Idiom challenge for years. “Bank Windhoek understands the importance of preserving our unique cultures as we are flooded with western influences, hence our support to the ATKV who urges not only Afrikaans speaking people, but all language groups not to neglect their mother tongues” said Sanet de Waal, Communication Practitioner Stakeholder Engagement at Bank Windhoek.

Through competitions like the Idiom Challenge they encourage all Namibians to promote their languages in reading, written and spoken form. The ATKV, with the support of Bank Windhoek and other sponsors, will continue to develop the skills of especially secondary school learners to use figurative language in their daily living for many generations to come. Today, many youths are neglecting their mother tongue in favour of English. Although English is the international language of choice and the National language of Namibia, the older generation need to encourage a culture of speaking mother tongues at home to prevent them from becoming extinct,” De Waal said.

Gobabis Gymnasium was the winner of the 2014 Idiom Competition. This year, 17 teams from 11 schools from across the country are taking part in the competition. Up for grabs is a trophy and cash prizes sponsored by Bank Windhoek. The runners-up will also receive cash prizes. The Idiom challenge is being held for the 13th consecutive year.