Aunt catches lover raping teen niece

May 8, 2015, 7:56am

Aunt catches lover raping teen niece

A woman says she caught her boyfriend having sex with her mentally challenged niece, but did not open a case because she was scared of his family.

A mentally challenged teenager has been removed from her aunt’s custody this week following allegations that she has been repeatedly abused by the woman’s boyfriend.
The 14-year-old, who is a Grade 4 learner at a school for children with special needs, was also allegedly assaulted by her aunt last week for not taking her epilepsy medication.
The girl from Windhoek’s Ombwa ya Lyata Otina informal settlement, whose identity cannot be revealed, was removed from her home by a social worker from the Gender-Based Violence Investigation Unit, formerly known as the Women and Child Protection Unit.
Police spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, told Namibian Sun that cases of assault, child neglect and rape have been registered.
“No one has been arrested in connection with these cases and police investigation continues,” he said.
The girl’s aunt this week told Namibian Sun she was afraid to open a rape case against her boyfriend because of she was scared of his family.
Her aunt, whose name cannot be mentioned as this would identify the victim, said she caught her boyfriend having sexual intercourse with her niece on January 1 after returning from buying fish.
The aunt said she took the child to the then Women and Child Protection Unit, but because it was public holiday their office was closed.
However, she said a Katutura State Hospital doctor, who attended to the teenager on the same day, confirmed she had been sexually assaulted and that it had happened more than once.
The teenage girl, who spoke to Namibian Sun in presence of a community activist, said her aunt’s boyfriend, who lives elsewhere, has slept with her on several occasions.
She said: “He does it to me a lot when my aunt goes to buy onion and tomatoes or is quenching her thirst at the neighbours. He says I love you my girl and kisses me.”
“He is strong. He grabs me and when I try to escape he holds me tight and puts me on the bed and forces me to have sex.”
In a voice tinged with extreme sadness, she also says that she wants to be serious about her schoolwork and complete Grade 12.
Asked why she never told her aunt about what had happened, the girl said that the man told her not to say anything.
“He promises me dollars, but he does not give me anything. He promised me a lot of times,” she said.

The wound on the head
The aunt said she assaulted her niece, because she was angry recently and that it was the first time.
“I don’t normally beat her. I think I just got angry because she grabbed me by my chest,” said her aunt.
“I realised does not drink her epilepsy medication when i tell her to do so. She just goes into the bedroom,” she said.
The girl starting attending a special needs school after her teachers realised she suffers from learning difficulties.

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