Cattle die of rabies in Okongo Constituency

23 Jul 2013 07:40
ONGWEDIVA, 23 JUL (NAMPA) – Three heads of cattle died of rabies at Onehanga village in the Ohangwena Region’s Okongo Constituency last Wednesday.
Ohangwena Regional Councillor for the Okongo Constituency, Paulus Mwahanyekange initially told Nampa in a telephonic interview over the weekend the cattle of two farmers at Onehanga village have died “mysteriously” since the beginning of last month.
Mwahanyekange, who doubles as the chairperson of the Ohangwena Regional Council, said Andreas Ndadi lost 14 cattle, while Pedro Mwiila lost three cattle last Wednesday.
“The animals were found lying dead in both incidents, as if they collapsed and died,” Mwahanyekange said, adding that there were no signs that the cattle had been attacked.
He told this news agency the villagers did not know what caused the animals’ deaths and they were waiting for veterinary officials who had conducted tests to give them feedback on the tests.
The animals are said to have died some time during the night, and were discovered dead in the morning.
The chief veterinary officer for the Ohangwena Region, Dr Nehemia Hedimbi said in an interview on Saturday laboratory results have indicated that Mwiila's cattle died of rabies.
He said Mwiila has been advised to vaccinate the rest of his animals against rabies.
The chief veterinary officer indicated that the preliminary laboratory results of tests carried out on Ndadi's cattle have shown that the cattle died of poisoning.
It could not be immediately determined whether Ndadi's cattle died after possibly eating poisonous plants, or whether someone poisoned the animals.