Telecom Namibia hosts Africa SNO conference

23 Jul 2013 07:00

The 7th Africa Service and Network Operators (SNO), which is hosted by Telecom Namibia, officially got underway in the capital today.
The conference will end on Thursday and is also held under the auspices of the International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunication (ITU-T).
The SNO forum is the only event in the telecommunications industry that focuses only on service and network operations and strives to drive standards bodies and industry organisations by being the "voice of service and network operations".
Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT), Joel Kaapanda was set to officially open the event, but he was represented by his special advisor, Mvula ya Nangolo who read the statement on his behalf.
Kaapanda says “In putting Africa on the global map, we have decided early to acknowledge and harness the power of ICT and innovation in order to enhance efficiency in public administration and to optimize its potential for economic growth enhancement.”
He says the topics being chosen for this year’s discussions are pertinent and timely to the overall IT and telecommunications context in Africa.
The forum allows for the sharing of information on an international scale and according to Telecom, SNO has a direct impact on changing or implementing new ITU recommendations that apply to network and service management.
The workshop, among others,will deliberate on the topics related to the operations of telecoms networks across fixed, mobile and next generation networks.
Some topics are also related to the service management of Telecoms networks across fixed, mobile and next generation networks and topical areas that challenge telecommunication operators and carriers, Internet Service Providers and next generation telecoms companies.
Besides the aforesaid, and as part of its ITU-T activities, the conference  will deliberate on, among other areas of interest, the following:
Reviewing of the ITU-T SNO 2012 and African SNO 2012 Decisions and Progress, New Telecommunications Business Models, Service and Network Operations (SNO) Best Practices, Home Applications, Fixed and Mobile Migration e.g. LTE deployment and Network Management, Service Management and Customer Experience Management.