Sugar daddies are a social evil: Pohamba

23 Jul 2013 05:20
DIVUNDU, 23 JUL (NAMPA) - President Hifikepunye Pohamba has advised young girls to refrain from dating ‘sugar daddies’, saying it is a social evil which undermines girls’ efforts at obtaining an education.
Speaking during the inauguration of Namibia’s first-ever vision school, the Rukonga Vision School here on Monday, Pohamba indicated that many women lag behind because they fall pregnant while they are still young.
He thus advised young women to delay getting involved in relationships, and to rather concentrate on finishing their education.
“Pregnancy disadvantages girls from attending school. Please avoid sugar daddies,” Pohamba stressed, before jokingly telling the girls present at the inauguration that he could see a lot of possible sugar daddies around the school’s premises.
Sugar daddies are generally older men who woo young girls with the carrot of cash, expensive gifts and clothes.
The Head of State indicated that once girls concentrate on finishing their tertiary education, it will open the door to a brighter future for them.
The rampant baby-dumping in the country is a clear indication that most of those who fall pregnant cannot afford to raise babies because many of them do not work, while he also cautioned them that dumping babies is a criminal offence.
The President furthermore spoke about the need to recognise challenges faced by teachers, especially those teaching in rural areas, saying they also need access to adequate housing, electricity, clean drinking water and other amenities.
“I believe the availability of these facilities will create a more enabling environment for our teachers to do their jobs, and help our children perform,” he noted.
The vision school is regarded as a ‘torch-bearer of excellence’, and was set up by the Ministry of Education (MoE) for gifted and brilliant learners from previously-disadvantaged backgrounds, especially those in rural areas who have shown great potential to develop and succeed in life.
The school, constructed at a cost of N.dollars 109 million, currently accommodates 240 Grade Eight and Grade 11 learners.
Pohamba on Monday also announced that Government plans to establish six vision schools in selected rural areas in the coming years as a way of addressing access to education, quality and equity.
The Rukonga Vision School is situated some 200 kilometres east of Rundu.