Oshakati town council approves its 2015/16 budget

30 Apr 2015 07:40am
OSHAKATI, 30 APR (NAMPA) – The Oshakati Town Council last week Friday approved its 2015/2016 budget worth N.dollars 389 417 830 in terms of expenditures and revenue, the town’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said.
Werner Iita said in a media statement issued on Wednesday that his council’s financial year starts on 1st July 2015 and runs until 30th June 2016.
According to him, numerous capital projects, which have been running from last year, will continue this year.
Several projects the council is to undertake are meant to contribute to the town’s economic upliftment.
Amongst these projects, Iita said, is the bulk servicing of new extensions such as Okaku Kiipupu, Extension 16, Ehenye and Ekuku.
“The servicing of 270 erven in Okaku Kiipupu’s Phase 1 has already used up N.dollars 39 million of the N.dollars 50 million allocation,” Iita stated.
He also pointed out that a sum of N.dollars 20 million has been assigned to two master plan projects: construction of the dyke around Oshakati and deepening of the Okatana River.
“These projects have emerged under the concept of flood mitigation, which have been a problem to Oshakati,” said Iita.
Other projects expected to be completed in the 2015/2016 financial year include the N.dollars 32 million-worth improvement of roads and the survey for Ompumbu informal settlement area to the tune of N.dollars 4 million.
The council has also set aside N.dollars 250 000 to be used for the construction of ablution facilities at the town cemetery.
The servicing of informal settlements such as Onawa is allocated N.dollars 15 million, while the beautification of the town and establishment of recreational facilities are also to be considered.
Iita referred to Othingo village as one of the areas to be surveyed for the town’s developmental projects.
Othingo is also one of the areas designated for industrial business activities.