Nudo irked by City councillors' land deals

29 Apr 2015 14:30pm
WINDHOEK, 29 APR (NAMPA) – The National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) says the City of Windhoek has become a cash cow where councillors continue to enrich themselves by allocating land for themselves at an alarming rate.
Nudo spokesperson Josef Kauandenge made the statement at a media conference here on Wednesday, where the party called upon President Hage Geingob to address the situation of City Councillors “who have made it their business to steal with impunity land meant for the most vulnerable members of society”.
“The City of Windhoek has become an ATM where they can cash as much as they want even at midnight,” he said.
A local English daily newspaper has over the past few months exposed several municipal leaders and hand-picked businesspeople as part of a syndicate dishing out land to each other.
The latest news report uncovered how the Windhoek Municipality sold land measuring 43 hectares to its Deputy Mayor Mwadhina Veico, who bought the land despite objections from municipal executives who insisted that the sale be properly planned for.
Okahandja political leaders and top officials in the Windhoek Municipality have also allocated cheap land to themselves.
Most of the controversial deals that are being questioned at the Windhoek Municipality were reached between 2012 and 2014, when former mayor Agnes Kafula and her then deputy Muese Kazapua, who is now mayor, were in charge.
According to Kauandenge, the dishing out of land is a crime that needs to be brought under control.
“The Windhoek Municipal councillors comprise people whose aim is and was never to serve the people of this city, but whose prime purpose and reason was and is still is to wine and dine while their people cannot even afford basic services,” he said.
He added that the City of Windhoek “has become an institution that lives in its own world, where the strong trample the stomachs and faces of those too weak to defend themselves”.