DTA condemns 'parliament village'

28 Apr 2015 15:00pm
WINDHOEK, 28 APR (NAMPA) - The leadership of the DTA of Namibia has condemned a proposal for the construction of a 'parliament village' for Members of Parliament (MPs) in the capital.
Deputy Minister of Works and Transport Erastus Uutoni proposed in the National Assembly last Thursday that MPs should be given free houses or alternatively a ‘parliament village' should be constructed where law-makers could stay during their tenure.
DTA Secretary-General Vincent Kanyetu said the leadership of his party, in the strongest possible terms, criticised the proposal when he reacted to the proposal in a media statement availed to Nampa here on Tuesday morning.
He described the proposal as ‘short-sighted’.
“Whilst we acknowledge that the housing prices in Windhoek are indeed extortionate, it would be short-sighted of the country's law-makers who have been entrusted by the voters to enact legislative and other measures to regulate and address the housing situation in Windhoek and other parts of the country to instead now focus their attention on themselves whilst our fellow working-class Namibians bleed.
“This kind of approach to the housing problems does not do much to dispel the long-held believe that politicians and law-makers alike have their own interests at heart and that only the elite will have access to affordable housing as a result,” said the DTA leader.
In addition, Kanyetu also advised law-makers to mainly focus their energy during debates in the National Assembly to help in addressing the sky-rocketing property prices, particularly in Windhoek, instead of moving proposals earmarked for self-enrichment schemes.
He reminded the MPs that they have been elected to the National Assembly not to represent their personal interests, but first and foremost, to represent the interests of the voters who have trusted them with their votes.
Kanyetu explained that Namibia's national housing crisis is one of the principal issues that directly affect the very people who put the MPs in the National Assembly.
“Thus, the DTA of Namibia calls on all MPs to join arms and minds in tackling the national housing crisis in a swift and efficient manner so that all Namibians, MPs included, may have access to satisfactory housing at reasonable and affordable prices,” he urged.
Kanyetu said Namibia will only move forward to a high level of socio-economic and political development once its institutional problems have been properly addressed.