Windhoek Lager Ambassador Kapewasha receives prize

22 Jul 2013 10:00

Hilma Kapewasha, the 2013 Windhoek Lager Ambassador of Education was surprised when she received a prize money of N$10 000 as one of the ambassadors and an additional N$10 000 towards a charity of her choice.
Jacquiline Pack, Senior Brand Manager at Namibia Breweries Limited said: “We never made a big fuss about the N$ 20,000 prize money, as this initiative is not about money but about the title and what they have done and will do for Namibia and its people. Most of our ambassadors did not even know that they would receive prize money and they have been pleasantly surprised.”
Kapewasha says she chose the N/a’an ku sê Foundation which she works for.  
She adds: “N/a’an ku sê is a charitable organization helping to improve the lives of the San community we work with through education, healthcare and better living conditions to enable them to build a brighter, healthier future.  We plan to use the prize money for the N/a’an ku sê Clever Cubs School to renovate the building and upgrade our playground.”
Kapewasha intends to use her N$10 000 prize money to register for her second year diploma in Early Childhood Development which will help her gain more knowledge to help the children at Clever Cubs School and enhance their future.  She concludes: “As an Ambassador I would like to further my teaching education and share the knowledge I have gained with young people to enable them to have a better future.  I hope my story has inspired a lot of young people out there to stand up and do something for themselves in any way and make a change in our country.”