Nujoma condemns xenophobia

27 Apr 2015 08:20am
OSHAKATi, 27 APR (NAMPA) – Namibia’s Founding President, Sam Nujoma has condemned the recent xenophobic attacks against fellow Africans in neighbouring South Africa.
He called on people on the continent to unite in the spirit of 'Pan-African brotherhood'.
“Africa is for Africans - those at home and those in the Diaspora,” Nujoma said whilst officiating at the Oshakati Totem Exposition (Expo) 2015 Gala Dinner held at the town on Saturday night.
Nujoma told the audience that he condemns xenophobia in the strongest terms possible, noting that the rise of xenophobia in some parts of the continent is disturbing news.
Xenophobic attacks by South African nationals against fellow Africans is said to have left about eight people dead as a result.
“I am convinced that totems will act as a shield against tribalism and xenophobia, because people from different tribes and countries may belong to the same clan and totem,” Nujoma stated.
He went on to say cultural values and norms, including totems, carry the African identity.
Nujoma noted that tribal divisions based on race were not known in Africa during the pre-colonial period but the division that existed among the people was based on clan organisation, because their blood relations were defined on the basis of clans or totems.
“To this day, many people in Africa are called and known by their clans’ lineage honorific names, used as a respectful and proper way to address elders,” he pointed out.
The Gala Dinner has collected about N.dollars 1.6 million that will be used in hosting a successful Oshakati Totem Expo 2015, scheduled to take place as from 29 May to 06 June at the Oshakati Independence Stadium.